The entire program is open to all participants.

For each course, we recommend that you realistically assess your ability for
your own sake and out of respect for the other participants.
We would be happy to help you and reserve the right to decide on course placement.



 Johannes BOHUN (Austria)  | BODYPERCUSSION & CO 

In 2000 Johannes Bohun (born 1978) graduated summa cum laude with a degree in music.
After completing his civil service, he participated in an open audition for the world-famous show STOMP in London and was the first German-speaking performer to become a regular member of the European cast of the STOMP Company.
Since 2001 Johannes Bohun has been to more than 30 countries on four continents. He conducts workshops and seminars throughout Europe and inspires participants with his infectious energy—no matter if they are professional musicians, amateurs, educators, students, street children, people with disabilities or executive managers of large companies.


It’s world famous: the basketball scene from STOMP. Now it’s our turn: During the course, we will delve into the world of omnipresent rhythm and create music, grooves and choreography with everyday objects—and naturally first and foremost with our own bodies!



Born in 1996 in Bad Blumau, Austria.

Enthusiastic about the world of drumming since age 4. Student of many years of the STUDIO PERCUSSION school. During this time, he frequently took first place in Prima la Musica individual and solo contests. Currently studying music and sports at the University of Music and Performing Arts and the University of Graz, which is the perfect combination of studies for a Fit4Drums trainer.
Over the course of his musical career, Simon has turned from a classical orchestra percussionist into a band drummer, which is why he can be found behind the drum set in the Graz pop-funk band CANDLELIGHT FICUS and in the dialect rock band FAUXPAS


Fit4Drums™ is a new, absolutely unique fitness and music concept. It is the first group fitness workout where an actual drum is played and intensive fitness training is provided. The rhythm, the groove and an unbelievable fascination overtake each and every one of the participants, allowing them to merge into a unit. Besides the physical training effect, the great impact on brain and psyche is what makes Fit4Drums™ training so successful and unique. Drumming relieves stress, greatly activates the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain and increases alpha waves, which is otherwise only possible with yoga and meditation.

Peter GABIS (Austria) HANDPAN – HANG

One of the original hang players, Peter Gabis is a drummer, percussionist and sound massage practitioner. He studied Jazz Percussion and Instrumental Pedagogy at the private Vienna Konservatorium and Jazz Drum Set at the Manhattan School of Music in New York under John Riley. Since 2003 he has intensively worked with ethnic music and percussion in Africa, India, Mongolia and the East. Numerous trips to study the music of Mali, Mongolia, Morocco, Turkey and India.


The Handpan is an instrument adapted from the Hang, the famous Swiss sound sculpture. The sensitivity of the Handpan requires an extremely subtle approach, which opens up many new modes of expression.
Playing the Hang requires a listening, sensitive, playful and inquiring attitude. The mind of the player normally becomes peaceful as he or she actively and joyfully makes music. This makes it relatively easy and stress-free for the amateur to experience the basic principles of music. I see that it has great promise, especially in music education. This workshop will go back and forth between two worlds, the technical and reproductive approach and the perceptive and intuitive approach.



Claus Hessler has become SYNONYMOUS WITH MOELLER TECHNIQUE and is treated as the “legitimate successor” to the legendary Jim Chapin.
He is known not only for “moellering” but also as a proponent of OPEN-HANDED PLAYING—playing without crossing one’s hands—and is one of the greats in music education worldwide thanks to his many award-nominated books and DVDs.
He teaches at Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts and the University of Popular Music and Music Business (Popakademie) in Mannheim. He was the first Western drummer to be named DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR at Keimyung University in South Korea. Since December 2015 he has been president of PERCUSSION CREATIV, the largest European drum and percussion association.


It’s interesting: most of us percussionists see rudiments as the foundation for how we play, but we no longer know how the music that went along with it sounded and how it was accompanied on the drums.
This will be remedied here!
In the first few days, Claus Hessler will give us an intensive warm-up that is grounded in history. Afterwards, the music will be played on historic drums and with a piccolo


Timm PIEPER (Germany) | DRUMLINE

Timm studied at Drummer’s Institute in Düsseldorf under Wolfgang Haffner, Chester Thompson (Genesis) and Andy Gillmann. He is the director of the GREENBEATS ensemble, with which he went on an extended world tour in 2017 along with DJ BoBo. As an author and composer, he has produced numerous publications and musical works in Europe and the U.S. As a drummer and percussionist, he has played in a variety of musicals and rock/pop productions. Founder of the marchingmusic publishing house, he markets high-quality, handmade snare drums.


STREET CADENCES are short, super groovy pieces for DRUMLINES with cool show elements. Precision goes without saying—especially since this year there will be dancing!



Gudrun POSEDU (Austria) | DANCE


Gudrun Posedu (sport scientist, media manager) directs DANCEPRODUCTION GRAZ, a team of dancers—currently between the ages of 17 and 38from a variety of artistic and athletic backgrounds. Lessons are regularly held three times a week and vary between techniques and choreography from ballet, jazz, modern dance and urban styles. In the last two decades, dancers have brought home many prizes from national and international competitions. The current goal is to create and rehearse their own evening-length dance pieces that entertain the public and invite them to dream.


The program includes precise rhythmic movement sequences, coordination training, cool moves, and short choreographies. Over the course of the week, they will be combined and performed with the DRUMLINE and their STREET CADENCES.


Studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. Instrumental and education degree with distinction.
Teaches at the STUDIO PERCUSSION school and the Franz Koringer School of Music in Leibnitz.
Guest lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, the Conservatory of the Province of Styria, Steirisches Akademie- und Landesjugendorchester.
Winner of numerous provincial and federal awards at PRIMA LA MUSICA and other competitions.
Author and editor of the ALL YOU CAN DRUM series for elementary percussion.
STUDIO PERCUSSION graz, Vienna Operetta Orchestra, Blues Brothers Showband, Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, Graz Philharmonic Orchestra, Walzerperlen, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stefan Heckel Group.
Tours in Europe, Japan, southeast Asia and the U.S.


There are three PERCUSSION ORCHESTRA levels: beginner–intermediate–advanced
All participants have the opportunity to play in the orchestra and become acquainted with literature for large groups under the meticulous (and always humorous) direction of Berny Richter and make music together.

Endrina ROSALES-RODRIGUEZ & Gäste (Venezuela / Austria) | PICCOLO-FLÖTE

The singer, flutist and lyricist Endrina Rosales-Rodriguez was born in Venezuela. Between the ages of 13 and 17 she began her career as first flutist in the Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela (El Sistema).
Endrina has lived in Austria since 1994, first in Vienna, then in Graz, where she completed her music studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts. Endrina is an artist distinguished by her ethnic roots, the craft of a classical flutist, and her love of jazz, pop, and Latin music.
She is a music instructor at Leoben Music and Art School


It’s interesting: most of us percussionists see rudiments as the foundation for how we play, but we no longer know how the music that went along with it sounded and how it was accompanied on the drums.
This will be remedied here!
In the first few days, Claus Hessler will give us an intensive warm-up that is grounded in history. Afterwards, the music will be played on historic drums and with a piccolo



Born in Innsbruck in 1976.  Studied vocal and instrumental music education at the Innsbruck Conservatory. State teaching qualification examination in percussion and voice. Studied at Drummers Collective New York.
Percussion instructor at Telfs Music School.
Founder and manager of PANergy STEELORCHESTRA.
Founder and manager of THE NEXT STEP PERCUSSION GROUP.
Masters degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Liechtenstein.


The steel drums as well as the calypso style of music developed in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1930s after the British colonial powers banned African drums. Cans, old oil drums, soap boilers and bottles were converted into instruments with spoons and bamboo sticks. A new genre of music with traditional rhythms developed whose typical Caribbean flair has continued to influence the world of music up to today.
And happily the southern air around Lake Ossiach will also be full of Caribbean sounds again this year.


 Claudio SPIELER (Austria / Nederland) | CAJÓN & FRAME DRUM  

Born in Bregenz in 1981. Concert diploma with distinction in classical percussion at the Vorarlberg Music Conservatory. 2004–2012 Master student of Hakim Ludin. Concerts and tours in Europe, India, and Cuba with Tevana, Ragga Gröndal, Groovetrotters. Collaborations with Karen Lugo, Abbos Kosimov, Tania Kross, Phil Maturano, Peter Herbert, Peter Madsen, Konstantin Wecker, Bitori, and STUDIO PERCUSSION graz. Author of the journal drums&percussion and percussion workshop instructor throughout Europe.


Claudio Spieler uses the film “Calle 54” as the starting point for bringing us closer to cajón from the basics to Latin jazz.


At times, the frame drum is referred to as the oldest type of drum. It appears in artifacts from Mesopotamia from the third millennium BC.  Daf, daira, riq, bodhránother names for a fascinating instrument that is found in the Middle East, the Arab countries and also in Ireland



Born in Graz, singer and composer Laura Winkler studied jazz vocals and vocal and instrumental music education at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz as well as composition at Berlin University of the Arts. She has studied with John Hollenbeck, Greg Cohen, Ed Partyka, Fritz Pauer, Agnes Heginger, Dena DeRose, and Efrat Alony.

Since 2011 she has lived in Berlin, where she founded the folk-pop band “Holler my Dear” and the “Wabi-Sabi Orchestra.”
Laura is part of the Berlin musicians’ collective KIM (Kollektiv für Komponierte und Improvisierte Musik) and composes music for contemporary dance projects as well as for orchestras, big bands and contemporary chamber music ensembles.

Voice teacher and band coach for jazz/pop at Berlin Reinickendorf Music School since 2013.





Studied classical percussion at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. Studied jazz vibraphone at Berlin University of the Arts.
2018 GONZERVATORY finalist with Chilli Gonzales in Paris.
2014/15 Work scholarship from Berlin University of the Arts.
2010 New York Scholarship as part of a Hans Koller Prize.
Lives in Berlin.
Concerts and productions with: EXIT UNIVERSE, HUMAN DONG, UNCHAIN MEINHART, TRIO DE JANEIRO, STUDIO  PERCUSSION graz, Chris Berg Zappa Project, Millions of Dreads, orchestraconteur, HGM Jazzorkestar Zagreb, Cube, Quinteto Caribe, Gerd Hermann Ortler Orchestra, STUDIO DAN, Primus Sitter, Sandy Lopicic, Opernhaus Graz, Next Liberty Schauspielhaus Graz, Volkstheater Wien


From the initial idea to a finished song: Participants will follow this exciting, creative, and often arduous path with Laura Winkler and Raphael Meinhart.
How do you write a good verse and transition to the refrain? How do you find a good hook, and most importantly: How do you integrate percussion into the songs? From beginners to Paul McCartney – everyone is welcome!


YAMATO – The Drummers of Japan are a drumming legend.
Wherever they take the stage, it is certain that the audience’s enthusiasm knows no bounds. With unbridled strength, unbelievable synchronization, harmonic images and a touch of humor, these virtuoso drummers have been touring for over 20 years and have won the hearts of more than 6 million spectators in over 50 countries.
As they move their entire bodies to beat the drum from the depths of their souls, a powerful wave of energy arises. YAMATO combines tradition and innovation. Their performances are met with rave reviews and the British media have even called their sound “the music of the body.”
When they are not on tour, the musicians live together
in the village of Asuka, a place that is central to Japanese culture.


The powerful, physical style of playing and the pulsating sound of Taiko drums have been compared to the heartbeat.
This course passes on these experiences gained from ancient Japanese traditions and trains you in the health-promoting, mood enhancing and energizing manner of playing.
No matter traditionally, during a YAMATO show or in this course: the focus is always on breathing together and forming a playful unit




Since 2012 he has been in the artistic leadership of the vocal group PERPETUUM JAZZILE. Since he joined PERPETUUM JAZZILE as a singer in 2002, he has written over 20 a cappella arrangements for this group. Andraž also arranges for other vocal groups, youth choirs and orchestras. He completed his violin and organ studies at the Ljubljana Academy of Music. He is the main organist at Celje Cathedral and teaches violin at Risto Savin music school in Alec, where he also directs the local symphony orchestra.









In 2001 he joined PERPETUUM JAZZILE as a tenor. Shortly afterwards, he suggested replacing the acoustic drum set with vocal percussion. His amazing ability to mimic all types of percussion and sound effects made him a master of his craft and the integral, rhythmic foundation of PERPETUUM JAZZILE music. He directs beatboxing workshops and is author of a variety of compositions for film, dance, theater, and TV shows. In 2001 he received his master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He is also an internationally renowned painter and visual artist.


The success story CHOIR@AUSTRIAN PERCUSSION CAMP is heading for new heights.
The specialists from the great vocal group PERPETUUM JAZZILE will make us stand up straight musically speaking.
We’re looking forward to it






Born in Graz in 1957.
Studied percussion at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.
1979 Founded STUDIO PERCUSSION graz.
1985–87 Music director of Forum Stadtpark.

1988–95 Director of Ilz School of Music.
1993 Founded the STUDIO PERCUSSION school.
Since 1995 Teaches at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz
2018 Founded KLANGWELT 60+
Self-productions with STUDIO PERCUSSION graz:
Certified pilgrim guide. Happy grandpa.


The POWER OF DRUM CIRCLE is the equal of the POWER OF LOVE in every way. Once you have experienced how everyone in a live DRUM CIRCLE swings together, you will fall in love and never be free again.