The entire program is open to all participants.

For each course, we recommend that you realistically assess your ability for
your own sake and out of respect for the other participants.
We would be happy to help you and reserve the right to decide on course placement.




Anders Astrand is a mallet specialist who regularly teaches in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and Europe. Astrand has created compositions for percussion ensemble, brass quintet, saxophone quartet, choir and big band and also for ice instruments, aircraft, tractors and an entire residential building. His compositions have often been developed for dance productions, video projections and fire sculptures.


Improvisation is making music in your own words.
But often inhibitions/the shame of simply playing get in the way of enjoyment.
With Anders Astrand as your companion, improvisation will be a real delight.

 Johannes BOHUN (Austria)  | THE WAY TO STOMP

In 2000 Johannes Bohun (born 1978) graduated summa cum laude with a degree in music.

After completing his civil service, he participated in an open audition for the world-famous show STOMP in London and was the first German-speaking performer to become a regular member of the European cast of the STOMP Company.

Since 2001 Johannes Bohun has been to more than 30 countries on four continents. He conducts workshops and seminars throughout Europe and inspires participants with his infectious energy—no matter if they are professional musicians, amateurs, educators, students, street children, people with disabilities or executive managers of large companies.


During the course, we will delve into the world of omnipresent rhythm and create music, grooves and choreography with everyday objects—and naturally first and foremost with our own bodies! In the search for bodies of sound, there are no limits to the imagination.

EXIT UNIVERSE – Susana SAWOFF | Voice & Piano
Raphael MEINHART | 
Mallets & Percussion (Austria)

They have come together as an artistic duo for EXIT UNIVERSE. Their debut album “Because the World is Round” sets to music the unique symbiosis between these two human beings: each and every sound in the thirteen songs reveals a moving intimacy and emotional depth. Hovering between jazz, indie and neoclassical, their music is reminiscent of Chilly Gonzales, Steve Reich and Radiohead. The two Austrians weave together soft, clear, hauntingly beautiful melodies of song, piano, vibraphone, marimba, percussion and glockenspiel.


From the initial idea to a finished song: participants will follow this exciting, creative, and often arduous path with Susana Sawoff and Raphael Meinhart. How do you write a good verse and transition to the refrain? How do you find a good hook, and most importantly: how do you integrate percussion into the songs?
From beginners to Paul McCartney—everyone is welcome!

Zohar FRESCO (Israel) | TOF MIRIAM

Zohar Fresco is regarded as the master of the tof miriam, the ancient frame drum of the Middle East. Born in Israel, he comes from a musical family of Turkish descent.
He developed his own finger technique and a new style of Middle Eastern music influenced by his Turkish background. His compositions are often supported by singing and drums, the fascinating and probably oldest type of music making. Zohar Fresco is the co-founder of the renowed Arab and Jewish ensemble “Bustan Abraham.”


The history of the frame drum goes back to antiquity. With its remarkably large striking surface and narrow frame, this drum is widespread throughout the Arab world and in North Africa, where it is found under the names bendir, tar, daf or riq. The Irish bodhrán also belongs to this group.
In this course, you have the opportunity to learn how to play these fascinating instruments from scratch.

Peter GABIS (Austria) | HANDPAN – HANG

One of the original hang players, Peter Gabis is a drummer, percussionist and sound massage practitioner. He studied Jazz Percussion and Instrumental Pedagogy at the private Vienna Konservatorium and Jazz Drum Set at the Manhattan School of Music in New York under John Riley. Since 2003 he has intensively worked with ethnic music and percussion in Africa, India, Mongolia and the East. Numerous trips to study the music of Mali, Mongolia, Morocco, Turkey and India.


The Handpan is an instrument adapted from the Hang, the famous Swiss sound sculpture. The sensitivity of the Handpan requires an extremely subtle approach, which opens up many new modes of expression.
Playing the Hang requires a listening, sensitive, playful and inquiring attitude. The mind of the player normally becomes peaceful as he or she actively and joyfully makes music. This makes it relatively easy and stress-free for the amateur to experience the basic principles of music. I see that it has great promise, especially in music education. This workshop will go back and forth between two worlds, the technical and reproductive approach and the perceptive and intuitive approach.


He studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and completed his master’s degree in Music Education – Voice and Instruments in 2008.
He has also continued to perfect his artistic training in master classes with Efrain Toro, Jeff Hamilton, Terry-Lyone Carrington and Joe Porcaro.

Touring has brought him to the Nine Gates Festival in Beijing, European Jazz Nights in Oslo, the Veneto Jazz Festival, South Florida Jazz and the Athens Jazz Festival. He has played with musicians such as James Morrison, Philip Catherine, Randy Brecker and Johnny Griffin.
He teaches at the music school in Mureck, gives master classes at JazzTulln and Jazz is Back (Croatia) and is the drummer in the stage band of Servus TV.


This course will expand your playing technique and repertoire on the drum set and Latin percussion with an emphasis on how the drum set and percussion instruments can complement each other instead of interfering in different music styles such as pop and Latin.

 Timm PIEPER (Germany) | DRUMLINE

Timm studied at Drummer’s Institute in Düsseldorf under Wolfgang Haffner, Chester Thompson (Genesis) and Andy Gillmann. He is the director of the GREENBEATS ensemble, with which he went on an extended world tour in 2017 along with DJ BoBo. As an author and composer, he has produced numerous publications and musical works in Europe and the U.S. As a drummer and percussionist, he has played in a variety of musicals and rock/pop productions. Founder of the marchingmusic publishing house, he markets high-quality, handmade snare drums.


“Whoever comes in five minutes too early comes in on time;
whoever comes in on time is too late!” would be a good slogan for a DRUMLINE. To work like clockwork not as a soloist but as part of a collective may sound stressful, but it is a lot of fun and has tons of benefits.


Studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. Instrumental and education degree with distinction.
Teaches at the STUDIO PERCUSSION school and the Franz Koringer School of Music in Leibnitz.
Guest lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, the Conservatory of the Province of Styria, Steirische Akademie- und Landesjugendorchester.
Winner of numerous provincial and federal awards at PRIMA LA MUSICA and other competitions.
Author and editor of the ALL YOU CAN DRUM series for elementary percussion.
STUDIO PERCUSSION graz, Vienna Operetta Orchestra, Blues Brothers Showband, Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, Graz Philharmonic Orchestra, Walzerperlen, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stefan Heckel Group.
Tours in Europe, Japan, southeast Asia and the U.S.


To play the SNARE DRUM well is an art in itself. Whether for the beginner or virtuoso, the repertoire is inexhaustible, thrilling, instructive and—hard to believe—MUSIC.

Claudio SPIELER (Austria) CAJON 

Born in Bregenz in 1981. Concert diploma with distinction in classical percussion at the Vorarlberg Music Conservatory. 2004–2012 Master student of Hakim Ludin. Concerts and tours in Europe, India, and Cuba with Tevana, Ragga Gröndal, Groovetrotters. Collaborations with Karen Lugo, Abbos Kosimov, Tania Kross, Phil Maturano, Peter Herbert, Peter Madsen, Konstantin Wecker, Bitori, and STUDIO PERCUSSION graz. Author of the journal drums&percussion and percussion workshop instructor throughout Europe. 


“Cajón is the Afro-Peruvian contribution to the world.”
Cajón has long since crossed geographical and stylistic borders and enriched the family of percussion instruments around the whole world. In its country of origin Peru, a cajoneada takes place during the annual cajón festival: a meeting of a large number of cajón players at a public place who perform a musical work together in unison. In 2012 a whopping 1,476 cajóneros gathered in Lima for this occasion.
At the 2019 camp, we want to remember the origin of cajón and learn a cajoneada composition with a selection of originally Afro-Peruvian rhythms.

Yo toco festejo, yo toco festejo!

 Thomas STABLER (Austria) | DRUMSET & FIT4DRUMS  

Thomas Stabler studied Music Education – Voice and Instruments and Jazz Drums at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. He is a sought after
session drummer who has contributed to
a wide variety of jazz, pop, and
fusion projects and has shared the stage with a number of prestigious artists including: Jazz
Bigband Graz, New Shore Orchestra,
 Graz Composers Orchestra,
 Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra, STUDIO PERCUSSION graz, Leni, Sir Eaglemore, Loktor, Jason Mraz, Thomas David. He won the Joe Zawinul Award in 2014.


R&B without any clap sound—unimaginable! It is no longer possible to imagine playing the drum set without electronic sounds in popular music. Terms such as drum pad, sample, trigger, drum module, loop, sequencer, and backing track are becoming increasingly important. What options do I have to imitate electronic sounds on an acoustic drum set and how can I expand my drum kit with digital components? These and many other questions will be answered in relation to groove, timing and musicality.


Fit4Drums™ is a new, absolutely unique fitness and music concept. It is the first group fitness workout where an actual drum is played and intensive fitness training is provided. The rhythm, the groove and an unbelievable fascination overtakes each and every one of the participants, allowing them to merge into a unit.

Besides the physical training effect, the great impact on brain and psyche is what makes Fit4Drums™ training so successful and unique. Drumming relieves stress, greatly activates the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain and increases alpha waves, which is otherwise only possible with yoga and meditation.


Patrik Thurner is a singer, composer/arranger and voice teacher living in Graz, Austria. He teaches jazz/pop voice at Johann Joseph Fux Conservatory, the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. He studied Jazz/Voice Performance, Music Education – Voice and Instruments (Jazz/Voice) and Jazz Composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. He founded the well-known a cappella group E NINE O FOUR, with which he has won numerous prizes at international a cappella competitions. In his latest project, Styrian Voices, four coaches supervise a youth pop choir in Styria. He is artistic director and organizer of, a renowned international a cappella competition that takes place each year in Graz.


The success story CHOIR@APC has a brilliant sequel. Led by Patrik Thurner, we will sing our way through pop music this year. We will polish and fine tune our groove, phrasing, intonation, interpretation, and so on, and a first-rate background SHOOBEDOO from the drum set is also waiting to be learned. Here is your chance!
For any remaining sceptics: to quote Patrik, “Yes, I am completely convinced that everyone can sing.”
Singing is a sport. No one would expect to run a marathon tomorrow without having finished the appropriate training. If someone is not able to sing “The Voice Within” by Christina Aguilera today, that doesn’t mean that he or she can’t sing.
Timbres, sounds, and techniques exist in popular music too. But whereas classical music has its ideals about the sound of the voice, in pop there are countless sounds. Does Tom Waits appeal to me? Do I like the voice of Björk, Lady Gaga or Beyoncé? Something thrilling and exciting can be found in every voice. This can only be measured by whether the stories that the songs tell speak to the listener.


Born in Graz in 1957.
Studied percussion at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.
1979 Founded STUDIO PERCUSSION graz.
1985 – 87 Music director of Forum Stadtpark.
1988 – 95 Director of Ilz School of Music.
1993 Founded the STUDIO PERCUSSION school.
Since 1995 Teaches at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz
Self-productions with STUDIO PERCUSSION graz:
Certified pilgrim guide. Happy grandpa.


The POWER OF DRUM CIRCLE is the equal of the POWER OF LOVE in every way. Once you have experienced how everyone in a live DRUM CIRCLE swings/sways together, you will fall in love and never be free again.