The history of music begins with rhythm and song.

These fundamentals of music are brought together in new ways at the AUSTRIAN PERCUSSION CAMP. Percussionists are often invited to teach at choir workshops. Now we are turning the tables. The percussionists are also going to sing. Rahela Duric, a “shooting star” of a choir director, will direct an AUSTRIAN PERCUSSION CAMP CHOIR and a CHAMBER CHOIR.

The percussion courses range from DARBUKA from the Middle East to the very entertaining forms of MUSIK MIT ALLEM UND JEDEM, a WORLD MUSIC ENSEMBLE and a groovy, typically American DRUMLINE before ending up in South America with BRAZILIAN PERCUSSION. PERCUSSION ORCHESTRA, CLASSICAL PERCUSSION, CAJÓN, 2 DRUM SET specialists and a DRUM CIRCLE round out this magnificent week of music.

Train your coordination and body control – essential for every musician – by JUGGLING every day with a genuine world champion.

Naturally there are also the popular/dreaded morning sport activities in the courtyard or in the great outdoors.

A busy week for the whole family and prospective professionals.

Perhaps I’ll see you in Ossiach.

Have a nice time until then.

Günter Meinhart

Artistic Director